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Why Pickups Are Better Vehicles Than SUVs

Though some may disagree, we know the truth: pickup trucks are better vehicles than SUVs. By comparing these two vehicle types, so often in competition with each other, we can see why pickups are better vehicles than SUVs. Read on to learn how these vehicles compare to each other regarding issues like motor power, storage, cost, and towing. By the end of this article, you will be confident that pickups are the better option.

More Power

It would be difficult to find an SUV engine that can match the power of a pickup truck. Though SUVs and pickups share manufacturers and often have the same powertrain, pickups have options for upgradable diesel engines.

Better Storage

Another reason why pickups are better vehicles than SUVs is that pickups have far more room for carrying cargo. Since pickup truck beds are flat, they can easily move almost anything. They can haul heavy objects such as lumber, televisions, and much more. You can also easily move furniture items with a pickup truck.


A pickup’s towing capabilities are an obvious advantage they have over SUVs. With a pickup truck, you can pull campers, trailers, boats, and other vehicles. Once you start towing, you will realize how much freedom it brings. Pickup trucks can bring you and all your prized possessions across the country at the same time.

Lower Cost

The average cost of an SUV is slightly higher than that of pickup trucks. If you want to procure a new, cool ride at a lower cost, pickup trucks are almost certainly the way to go.

Less Danger of Flipping

SUVs are farther from the ground than pickup trucks. As a result, they are in greater danger of tipping over in an accident. SUVs do have features to prevent tipping, but the risk is still there.

SUVs Have Higher Insurance Rates

On average, people pay 10 to 20 percent more to insure their SUVs compared to other vehicles. This is due to an SUV’s higher risk of being involved in an accident.

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