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Cold weather coming means three things to me; Hockey will finally be back on TV, I need to do a little work on my sled, and my FaceBook feed is going to be flooded with cold start videos! The first two I am fond of, the cold start videos I could live without. It always amazes me when people purchase diesel pickup trucks but don’t take the time to learn about proper maintenance. I suppose it’s another result of the oil slick. We all had money to spend back then and we could afford to learn the hard way when it came to frivolous things like what brand of oil to run and how often to change it. Now with reality setting back in I find myself caring more about how I can make my truck last and less about what light bar I am going to put on it.

So before all of the cold start videos clog up my social media channels I wanted to offer some advice. Perform all of your regular maintenance before the first snowfall each year, make sure your glow plugs or grid heater work, and run an additive regiment that works. Sounds simple right? Unfortunately that means setting some time aside to do the work and figuring out which additive is going to keep you on the road. For this article I have chosen to dial in on an oil additive that actually helps 7.3L and 6.0L Powerstrokes with the HEUI injection system.

I have tried several brands of additive throughout the years. Testing on everything from my old, slow and trusty 7.3L Powerstroke, a mildly built up 24v Cummins, and of course my 6.0Leaker.

Canadian Diesel Online

When I was starting out with my diesel obsession, I remember going to my local parts shop and driving the old guy behind the counter crazy. I would come in with a million questions about which brand was the best. All he could tell me was “the white bottle is what I use” as though that is all there is to it. Well what about the other stuff? It was cheaper, better pictures on the label. Which one works best for injector cleaning? Which one works best in the winter? Which one adds the most Cetane? What the hell is Cetane? Et cetera until my parts store eventually banned me from asking more than one question a day. I decided to search out others with like-minded questions and that is when I first found “The Forums”.


“The Forums” is my all encompassing term for the different diesel forums that so many of us enthusiast flooded back in the day. A place filled with keyboard warriors and internet badasses spouting their opinions as fact. Generally the most scientific reviews consisting of little more than 2 guys agreeing that their favorite brand was obviously the best because they now get 7 Liters/100 Kilometers. This soon led me to understand that although there is some great information on “The Forums” you have to step back and really analyze what your are reading.


After scouring the internet and testing every brand I could find on the shelf I came across Archoil Nanoborate Friction Modifier. Yes, the name of it, including what seems to be a most likely made up word caught my eye at first. While zipping through information online the “Nanoborate” first made me laugh; I figured it was another marketing ploy to make their brand stand out. So I looked into it to try and find the hook. The white bottle and black label on a little 8oz bottle with “Friction Modifier” is actually what it looks like.

archoil 9100

Archoil Nanoborate Friction Modifier 8oz AR9100-8×2

Below you will find the actual product description that I felt best explained what and why Archoil is ahead of the game:

AR9100’s patented Nanoborate Friction Modifier and System Cleaner incorporates 4 complex organic esters that are formulated to dissolve and remove varnish, carbon and other deposits from the oil wetted surfaces of the engine. The esters also serve to facilitate the migration of the nanoborate particles to the engine’s metal surfaces where they form a protective, solid boundary surface film that significantly reduces operating friction, protects equipment from wear, extends operating life and reduces energy requirements. By first cleaning the engine through its fluid system and then reducing surface friction, AR9100 is able to both restore and preserve engine performance in a number of important ways. In Ford Powerstroke 6.0L and 7.3L trucks, AR9100 cleans and lubricates the HEUI injectors. Stiction is eliminated and cold start problems including rough idling, cylinder misfires, and loss of power and acceleration are corrected.



  • • Dissolves carbon, sludge and varnish build up
  • • Reduces emissions
  • • Reduces operating energy requirements
  • • Significantly reduces surface friction (CoF 0.037)
  • • Reduces wear and extends equipment life
  • • Reduces noise and vibration
  • • Reduces friction heat
  • • Minimizes fluid oxidation – extending the oil drain cycle
  • • Restores compression and torque
  • • Inhibits surface corrosion
  • • Extreme pressure agent (falex test failure at 4,000 lbs)
  • • Eliminates HEUI injector stiction (FORD POWERSTROKE and others)


However, I am a skeptic. A company can claim anything they want; I want some proof. This is why I started searching for reviews. The first place I went was “The Forums” and each review was great. Then I checked on Facebook for #Archoil and again all the reviews were good. In fact, this one sold is what sold me:

Now many additives out there will work for just preventing gelling in the winter. Many of which are cheaper than Archoil. However the more I researched it, the more excited I got about it! I jumped in with both feet. I started running it 3 years ago when I had my 6.0L and I really think it stretched the life of that turd. Now for the last 2 years I religiously put it in my 4th gen Cummins. I truly encourage you to research it though. Please don’t just take my word for it. Watch a few videos, read a few reviews and inevitably you will test it for yourself. I even put together a reference page you can request by emailing