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What Diesel Fuel Additive Works BEST in Canada?

Fuel additive is a hot topic. Up here in the Great White North level 10 winters are a yearly occurrence. This means diesel fuel is going to gel and cause cold start problems or even shut the truck down completely. Most pump stations will throw in some additive before the fuel even goes in your tank, and some diesel fuel distributors do the same. However, with extreme low temperatures here in Canada that will probably not be enough to keep you off the tow truck.


Diesel gels due to the paraffin wax found in the fuel crystallizing during extreme cold temperatures. Many conditions can impact the exact temperature trucks are able to run at, however most agree it will be colder than -10 C. Once the wax clusters together on a fuel filter or other choke point, the truck will cease to run. Some situations may result in low rail pressure codes or a massive limit of power. This is most common when the wax is solidifying and a pinhole of fuel is still getting through. This same principle applies to trucks that are able to idle without issue but die out just down the road.


Your options for fixing the problem are to store the truck in a climate controlled place, move further south (a LOT further south), or run a fuel additive. If you are in Canada try and support a well established Canadian company like Xp3! They have a proven track record for success as far back as 1989, which may be when they released this video:

1989 Xp3 product testing video

Xp3 Diesel Fuel Enhancer 16oz. D500M

Even in a video this old the attention to detail and passion for chemistry actually working is obvious. The shocking point to make here is how ineffective “the other brand” was. Over the years the formula has been updated and improved. Currently the Xp3 Diesel Fuel Enhancer not only dispurses water, prevents the gumming or build up of residue, but also prevents fuel gelling.


  • Improves combustion to increase engine power
  • Cleaner running engine
  • Reduces corrosion to increase the life of your engine
  • Disperses water for smoother running engine
  • Improves engine starting and avoids pre-ignition
  • Improves the stabilization, lubricity and detergency of the fuel
  • Protects against fuel gelling and freezing

See what Mr. Truck himself had to say in this interview about Xp3 at SEMA:

Mr Truck Xp3 Interview SEMA


If you are ready to pick up a fuel additive that actually works and is made right here in Canada, then please check out Canadian Diesel Online for great specials on Xp3 Diesel Fuel Additive!
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