4.1 SFI Certified Allison transmission blanket SUNSFI-ALLISON-1


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The SunCoast “BadAss Transmission Jacket” is a custom tailored jacket that fits to the profile of the transmission case. SFI foundation has given this jacket their “4.1” certification which allows them to meet all NHRDA, NHRA, IHRA, NADM rules and regulations. Attachment pieces for this multipurpose “BadAss Transmission jacket” will allow the vehicle to pass tech for both, drag racing and sled pulling. SunCoast designed and made the jacket in the U.S. with the best, most proven heavy duty/ efficient safety materials available. The jacket features heavy duty urethane coated nylon, multiple Kevlar layers, and formulas to protect against catastrophic transmission failure. The jacket was designed by transmission specialists for ultimate driver safety.