Steedspeed 24v 1998.5+ Competition Style T6 24V with waste gate – COMPTT624VWG


Product Highlights:

Competition manifold with straight T6 flange and 2.5 inch V-band EWG port.

This header has been designed for those who are pushing the extreme limits with their Cummins.  Passages are bigger than the standard manifolds with revised passage route to give more flow potential and lower EGTs.   Shown here is T6 version with straight flange and 2.5 inch V-band wastegate port.  This version replaces our original design to improve strength and lower the cost. Manifold is available as T4 or T6 version.

Steedspeed Manifolds are Billet Machined from 1018 mild steel, come with a life time warranty for as long as you own the manifold.  Manifolds are coated with Techline coating, this coating is rated to 1700 degrees continuous use and can take short periods of up to 2000 degrees.

Coating warranty is 1 year.

Manifolds include gaskets and mounting hardware

Please note, this is a competition manifold please ensure this is the correct manifold for your build before ordering.




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