Paddle Valve In Cab Control Kit For Simultaneous Air Spring Activation Pacbrake – HP10281


Product Highlights:

Paddle Valve In-cab Control Kit / Air Spring Dash Switch for Simultaneous Activation consists of dash activation switches, required wiring and fittings.

This kit provides customers with a less expensive option for operating their air suspension kits with dash switch(es) that attach directly to the compressor and to the air springs.

It is designed to integrate in-cab air spring control with pre-existing onboard air system. Choose between simultaneous or independent air spring inflation.

Simultaneous inflation is done with a single switch and inflates / deflates both air springs equally, at the same time. Air tank and solenoid blocks are not required for this method of in-cab air control operation.

However, should you decide to add an air tank for stored onboard air, you can do so by adding either our 1/2 gallon or 2 1/2 gallon air tank kit (HP10053 / HP10050).

Note This is a complete kit with onboard air. If adding an air tank, a pressure switch is required; HP10110 is for 105-135 PSI and HP10111 is for 85-105 PSI.

Kit Specifications

  • Air bag inflation kit
  • Features digital gauge and paddle switch

Use this kit in conjunction with one of our air tank kits and air compressor kits to make your own complete onboard air system.



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