Flo-Pro Bolt-On Rolled Angle 4″-5″ Tip Flo-Pro 8912RAB


Product Highlights:

Rolled Angle 4″-5″ Tip

Flo Pro 8912RAB features an inlet of 4″ and an outlet of 5″. It measures to be 12″ in length. This Rolled Angle 4″-5″ Tip features a bolt on design to allow for easy installation.


Founded in 1981, FLO PRO Performance Exhaust has been manufacturing and distributing only the most durable quality muffler and exhaust systems for your vehicle. FLO PRO has proven it beats the competition with a louvered pipe that accelerates the exhaust flow through our mufflers. FLO~PRO performance mufflers are designed to boost the horsepower generated from your street vehicle. We also specialize in Diesel Performance carrying full systems for virtually every diesel truck.



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