Autometer 2″ Fuel Pressure Gauge, 0-30 PSI – AM 2660


Product Highlights:

Seeing the exact fuel pressure on your vehicle can mean the difference between extracting the most performance safely and expensive failures. Auto Meter’s Digital Stepper Motor Fuel Pressure Gauge will precisely measure your exact fuel pressure at levels of accuracy previously unheard of even in professional gauges. Designed for fuel injected or carbureted applications, our advanced 1/8” NPT solid state pressure transducer provides the best possible measurements on the market with unparalleled resistance to vibration and heat. Don’t take chances with your investment; a precise fuel pressure gauge could be the cheapest insurance you’ve ever bought. A direct plug in wiring harness is included for ease of installation and data logging is available thanks to a .5 – 4.5v analog output.

What do I need to be aware of when installing my Dodge Diesel fuel pressure gauge?

You can use any Auto Meter Full Sweep Electric Fuel Pressure gauge to monitor lift pump (not injector) pressure, though we recommend the 30psi units as a best fit for this application. However, you must also install a #3279 pressure snubber fitting and #3227 stainless hose kit to protect the sending unit as ’98 to ’02 (and some ’03) Dodge Diesels produce a very sharp, very high pressure spike in excess of over 300psi between the lift pump and injector pump.

AM 3279 Pressure Snubber Fitting

AM 3227 Stainless Hose Kit




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