EAS Universal Sensor Input (5 VOLT) EDG 98605


Product Highlights:

EAS Universal Sensor Input

The EAS Universal Sensor Input provides the ability to read any 0-5 volt signal and translate that signal a meaningful value for display on the Edge CS or CTS. This means you can add custom temperature, pressure, Air/Fuel and even Travel/Position gauges to your Edge CS and CTS! Using the Edge Accessory System provides the following benefits:

• Using the MyStyle software, sensors can be easily configured and renamed.

• Up to 8 Universal Sensor Input accessories may be installed in any order on the vehicle. Each Universal Sensor Input will support up to 2 sensors for a total of 16 additional sensors that can be added to your CS or CTS device.

NOTE: Sensors from manufacturers other than Edge can also be attached to a CS or CTS device through the EAS Universal Sensor Input

• Eliminates the necessity of routing multiple wires to the CS / CTS Monitor



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