2004-2007 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Injector For engines built on or after 9.22.2003- DT600002R


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Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Injector For engines built on or after 9.22.2003.

This Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Injector is for your 2004-2007 Powerstroke. Fourth generation DTech remanufactured 6.0L injector has NEW coil and wire assembly, NEW nozzle assembly, and we continue to use our improved spool valve fitting process. With over six year of remanufacturing experience of the 6.0L injector, we know it takes continuous product improvements to get you the best product. Our updated specifications are the best practices we have developed through performance and warranty analysis.

A refundable core fee of $200 per injector will be added at the time of invoicing

DTech stands for DIPACO Remanufactured Technology; it is the DIPACO brand created to serve our clients and strategic partners with dependable, affordable remanufactured diesel solutions and service in an ever-changing diesel market. DIPACO has supplied diesel aftermarket parts for over 65 years and now are leveraging our expertise to better serve you with the DTech product line. We have been operating since 2008, and have built a great relationship with our Canadian service dealers. At DTech Canada (2012) Inc., we maintain a ready inventory of quality diesel parts and have a growing line of diesel fuel pumps and injectors.



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