2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Arctic Power Volt 58 volt FICM – GB 921-158P


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GB Remanufacturing’s Arctic PowerVolt 58 Volt FICM (GB Part # 921-158P) is a remanufactured high performance FICM designed to improve cold weather engine operation, improve injector response time and reduce injector stiction; common problems associated with the 2003-09 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L engine. The APV FICM accomplishes this by increasing voltage to the injectors from 48 volts to 58 volts and modifies the peak current used to activate the fuel injectors. Unlike other competitive 58 volt FICMs, GB Remanufacturing’s Arctic PowerVolt 58 Volt FICM upgrades all of the components and drivers exposed to this higher voltage. In addition to these upgrades, GB corrects many of the original design and manufacturing flaws that are present in the original equipment FICMs. The result is a highly reliable unit that improves engine performance.The Arctic PowerVolt 58 Volt FICM comes pre-programmed with the latest software (on-vehicle programing is not required).     The latest version of software includes an inductive heating feature that rapidly heats the injector spool valve by activating the injector coils. This upgrade helps reduce injector stiction. This mode of operation is only activated when the PCM senses the engine is started under cold operating parameters.


The Arctic PowerVolt 58 Volt FICM comes ready for installation and operation. Each unit is fully tested at the factory and must pass a battery of tests which include fully loading the internal power supply, verification of communication between the FICM and PCM, verification of each injector activation, and waveform analysis of each injector’s coil. A complete self diagnostic and scan test is also performed. 


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