2010-2016 6.7L Cummins Big Line Kit GDP 201011BLK


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10-’18 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Big Line Kit

Finally a way to increase flow and access fuel pressure on the 2010 thru 2018 6.7L applications.

Dodge/Cummins almost got it right this time. The new top loading filter canisters used on the 2010 thru 2018 6.7L trucks now have molded in connectors. While they did a good job by stepping up the canister outlet size, that’s where the gains stop cold. The filter outlet fitting and line to the CP-3 inlet is only .190″ ID. Yes, that’s less than 1/4″ ID. But, we’ve got the fix in the 2010-2018 GDP Big Line Kit.

The factory fuel line from the fuel filter to the injection pump is pressed on nylon and very restrictive. Our system replaces the tiny factory fittings with our custom adapters and full 3/8″ line. Factory fittings are a mere .185″ inside diameter as opposed to the GDP stainless fittings with a full .300″ diameter. That a 250% increase in flow area thru the fittings!

System includes custom GDP stainless steel adapter, GDP QC Adapter, PushLok fitting, 3/8″ hose, and clamps.



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