2003-2004 Dodge 5.9L – Dual Fueler CP3 Pump Kit PPE 213001100


Product Highlights:


By simply bolting this kit on, your engine computer will automatically recognize both pumps and continue to deliver the precise amount of fuel your engine computer is requesting. Our PPE belt-driven Bosch CP3 fuel pump works in conjunction with the stock fuel system and is controlled by a sophisticated microprocessor module. Adding our kit to your stock fuel system reduces drive load on the stock CP3 pump, thereby increasing pump reliability. Both pumps work together, each delivering half the total volume of fuel required. In the event of one pump failing the electronic controller will automatically switch all fuel delivery responsibilities to the remaining operational pump. This kit will not produce more fuel pressure than the engine ECU requests; it will only increase fuel volume as needed to maintain ECU requested fuel pressure. For racing applications this kit provides fuel flow to maintain fuel pressure to 26,000 psi that is essential for highly modified race engines that are seeking to produce up to 2,000 hp.

? Dual Fueler kit includes all necessary parts for an easy bolt-on installation

? New BOSCH CP3 pump assembly with heavy duty, mounting hardware

? Billet aluminum drive pulley with 8 v-grooves/ribs

? Microprocessor controller for seamless integration

? High and low pressure fuel lines

? Fuel rail adapters and fittings

? Retains factory safety pressure relief valve

? Kit includes a Duramax 2006-2010 pump (26000 psi)

Available for: 2003-2007 Cummins diesel engines 5.9L