2005-2007 Ford Transmission Kit 5R110 4wd BD 1064484


Product Highlights:

(Eternal filter kit only available for 2008-2010 model years)

To some, it is a challenge to simply disassemble and assemble a Ford transmission. For BD, the challenge was to improve the durability and performance of these transmissions in demanding, high-torque diesel applications.

Highlights of our modifications:
BD rigid aluminum heavy duty transmission pan
   • Adds 6qt extra oil capacity
   • Reduces case flex
   • Reduces internal oil leakage
   • Heat-dissipating fins keep temperature down
   • Magnetic drain plug
Tighter clutch packs that provide a quicker shift
30%-40% more clutch material with additional steels
Machined direct piston
Machined direct pressure place
Machined intermediate pressure plate
Machined overdrive piston
Machined overdrive pressure plate
Improved internal lubrication by adding high power boost valves
Heavy duty snap ring and blow-off valve to prevent runaway pressure damaging case
Reworked front pump
Added lube circuits
Heavy duty regulator valve to prevent crossleaks
Improved bearing designs
Upgrade supports
Upgraded sprags
Upgraded planetaries
Sure-loc snap rings
Replace plastic pressure plugs in valve body with aluminum
Solenoids hard wiring providing high temperature resistance
2008-2010 units come with auxiliary trans filter kit


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