2000-2007 Dodge 47RE/48RE Transmission Valve Body Electronics Upgrade BD 1060605


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Valve Body Electronics Upgrade

This Valve Body Electronics Upgrade is for your 2000-2007 Dodge 47RE/48RE Transmission. It features:

  • More rugged, reliable transducer
  • HD Borg Warner governor solenoid
  • Handle higher pressures
  • Prevents wild oscilations
  • Prevents over pressure codes
  • Prevents debris accumulation

One of the leading causes of faults with the 47RE and 48RE Dodge transmissions is failed governor pressure transducers. This is more prevalent on performance transmissions that run higher line pressures. With the BD Pressure Transducer Upgrade Kit, the original plastic transducer is replaced by a more rugged, reliable and durable metal unit.This unit can handle higher transmission line pressures without failure. The kit includes an electronic adapter to prevent over pressure codes and has a built-in temperature sensor for improved reliability.

Heavy duty Borg Warner governor pressure solenoid has a stronger motor and stiffer armature spring which prevents wild oscillations when increasing line pressure. Does not use a permanent magnet so it will not attract metal contaminates in oil. Larger diameter spool valve develops more force to prevent debris accumulation and has more flow capacity. Developed specifically for the Dodge transmission.


1 review for 2000-2007 Dodge 47RE/48RE Transmission Valve Body Electronics Upgrade BD 1060605

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Fixed my truck right away shifts alot better and can be done fairly quick if you know what your doing. Very pleased works great

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