PPE Heavy-Duty DEEP Aluminum Transmission Pan – Ford 5R110 Brushed – PPE 328051010


Product Highlights:

The new PPE Heavy-Duty Deep Transmission Pan for the Ford 5R110 has greater oil capacity which results in lower operating temperatures and can help extend transmission life.

Cast from high-strength aluminum for optimal heat dissipation, this new PPE pan features internal baffles and external fins which transfer heat to keep your transmission running cool, keeping your operating temperatures in the right range.

Also included is a PPE Drain Plug machined from stainless steel, featuring a 17mm hex fitting for easy installation and removal. The PPE Drain Plug is fitted with a high-powered Neodymium magnet which extracts harmful ferrous metals out of your oil before they can do damage, and is easy to wipe clean during oil changes.

  • Heavy-Duty Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan – Brushed (328051010)
  • Brushed Finish
  • 6 quarts additional capacity
  • Robust side ribs provide additional strength
  • Billet stainless steel, 17mm hex, Neodymium-equipped drain plug
  • 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch NPT temperature access ports
  • Allen-head mounting bolts are included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sold As A Kit


  • 2003-2007 Ford 5R110 Transmission


  • Available in 3 finishes: Raw (328051000) – Brushed (328051010) – Black (328051020)
  • Race Weight Drain Plug (128051004) compatible