BD Diesel 1999-2003 Ford 4WD – 4R100 Transmission, C/W Filter Kit – 1064444F


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The stock transmission is designed to handle the output of the stock engine, but not much more. Increase the durability of your drivetrain with a BD transmission. All transmissions come with BD’s heavy duty transmission pan and most packages come bundled with our auxiliary transmission filter kit for added protection!


  • Increase the durability of your drivetrain
  • BD aluminum HD deep pan, increases oil capacity by 6qt
  • Re-calibrated accumulator body
  • Quicker, firmer shifts
  • Full shift kit with line mod valve to increase pressures
  • Increased pressure to converter
  • Added lube circuits to OD planet
  • Added lube and support to output and intermediate shafts
  • Drilled and tapped direct and intermediate feeds to prevent leaks at case
  • Upgraded OD snap ring
  • Machined center support
  • Reworked front pump
  • Fully rollerized geartrain
  • Clutch Count: COAST CLUTCH 2
  • Clutch Count: FORWARD 5 (25% increase over stock)
  • Clutch Count: DIRECT 5
  • Clutch Count: LOW REVERSE 7 (17% increase over stock)
  • Clutch Count: INTERMEDIATE 4 (33% increase over stock)
  • Clutch Count: OVERDRIVE 4 (33% increase over stock)
  • Each transmission is dyno tested
  • 1990-2003 include auxiliary frame mounted full flow filter kit

  • 7 Hours


  • 36-Months
  • 150,000 Miles


  • 12-Months
  • 24,000 miles


  • No Race abuse covered. Remote filter required for inspection with cooler flow rate in GPM at Oil/Air transmission cooler outlet.

  • 2wd 4R100 vehicles with attached driveline brake assembly requires 4wd model
  • Add “LR” for 4:88 rear end ratio or lower (i.e. 1064444FLR or 1064444FPTOLR)
  • Add “PTO” to part number for PTO provision (i.e. 1064444FPTO or 1064444FPTOLR)
  • BD torque converter must be installed at the time of installation of the transmission – use of a 3rd party or OE converter will invalidate the transmission warranty
  • Does not have PTO provision
  • Will not fit Excursion without modification – call customer service for more information prior to purchase

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