2007.5-2017 Cummins 6.7L Steet Series Long Block Engine DFC SS6707517LB


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DFC specializes in cummins remanufacturing in Edmonton and their street series of engines are DFC’s flagship product. Built for work trucks, daily drivers and the diesel enthusiast in mind these engines are a vast improvement from stock as they contain important upgrades to common problem areas. With the majority of Dodge, Ford and Chevy truck owners having some form or another of aftermarket upgrades done, DFC has remanufactured all of their engines to perform flawlessly with added horsepower and still backed with one of the industry leading warranties in North America.

Silicone Oil Pan

DFC silicones the oil pans instead of using the factory gasket as they are common to compress and start to sweat prematurely.

Front Cover

The front covers on the Cummins engines use a paper gasket that is known to fall inside of the front gear case causing a significant oil loss and expensive repair. By utilizing a high quality silicone they are able to prevent this from occurring.

ARP Head Studs

Every 6.7 Cummins long block comes standard with ARP Series 2000 head studs preventing premature head gasket failure.


Their Rottler equipment allows us to remanufacture the Cummins engine to tighter than OEM specifications resulting in a longer lasting more efficient engine assembly.

Valve Seats

The factory valve seats were only installed with 0.002”-0.003” crush which can allow them to fall out prematurely causing engine failure. Our engines have oversized SBI valve seats installed with at least 0.008” crush eliminating this from occurring.

Valve Springs

Instead of just testing old springs and reusing like most remanufacturers DFC installs brand new SBI valve springs that are still tested for proper spring pressure on every cylinder head they remanufacture.


DFC installs new valves from MAHLE/Clevite or SBI in every cylinder head we remanufacture. Most companies will re-grind and install used again.

Cast Guides

Common industry practice is to check guide clearance and if within specification, not replace. DFC considers this practice unacceptable and installs new cast SBI guides in every cylinder head they remanufacture.

Core criteria

Ensuring every engine is built to the same high quality standards as the next DFC is very strict on what is remanufactured rejecting components that require considerable “restoring” to acceptable specifications.

Torque specs

These engines use many torque to yield fasteners that require bolt “stretch” to maintain adequate clamp loads. In addition to not just following the OEM procedures for tightening sequence their assembly technicians record the achieved torque load through use of digital torque wrenches ensuring no fastener will come loose over time.

Weighed Rotating Assemblies

Their production engines are typically matched with near identical weight piston and connecting rod assemblies giving their customers a smoother running and quieter engine.

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