ATS 2013-2018 6.7L Cummins, Aurora 3000 VFR Upgraded Replacement Turbocharger (Includes Harness Adapter) – ATS 2023022392


Product Highlights:

If you want a turbo that has a clean install, faster spool time, and greater tow capacity over your stock charger, this kit is for you. The ATS Aurora VFR Variable Factory Replacement turbocharger series has upgraded ball bearing packs or journal bearings, depending on application that are far superior to the poor bearing design and material choices from the original equipment manufacturer. Factory turbochargers fail prematurely, but these failures have been eliminated with the upgrade of our HD bearing pack. ATS Aurora VFR turbochargers are an excellent upgrade over stock when being used to simply replace your failed turbocharger or upgrade the power of your diesel. Upgrade your VFR to a compound setup for the ultimate in performance and reliability!

The 3000 VFR for the 2013 – present iteration includes the harness adapter, making installation a breeze with no difficult or frustrating alterations necessary. No deletes required means that you are able to retain the original manufacturers powertrain warranty! Address the common failure items in your factory turbo while retaining all your existing factory systems with the ATS Aurora VFR 3000 turbocharger!

Vehicle Fitment

2013-2018 6.7L Cummins

Key Features

  • New Actuator
  • Billet 316 stainless steel unison rings. No more stuck or warped vanes through the life of the turbo regardless of driving style.
  • HSM bearing housing
  • HSM turbine housing
  • Updated electronics
  • High temperature ceramic coated turbine housing
  • Powder-coated compressor housing
  • Maintain all factory functions- Exhaust braking, Warm up function, Quick spool
  • Modern solid state electronics for long term reliability
  • No programming required
  • No deletes required
  • Will reliably support as much as 100+ hp over factory unit as a single or up to 750+hp in a plus kit
  • No actuator cleaning intervals, 100 percent Maintenance free unit
  • Extremely Competitive price point

2 year/ 150,000 mile warranty

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