BD Diesel HI5 Rebuildable Torque Converter – Dodge1994-2007 47RH/47RE/48RE – BD 1071264


Product Highlights:

With 5 clutch surfaces, the Hi5 increases your torque holding capacity by 5x and has been tested to handle up to 3480lb-ft of torque! Unbolt the o-ring sealed cover to rebuild and replace your clutch pack in the pits or in your shop, eliminating extra shipping, inspection, or service charges associated with non-rebuildable torque converters. Choose from many input shaft options plus different stators to find the right stall speed for your truck. Like all BD Torque Converters, the Hi5 comes with a furnaced brazed turbine and self-centering clutch teeth for added strength and durability.

  • 5 large diameter frictional surfaces
  • Fully rebuildable between races (clutch rebuild kits available)
  • Saves the user costly and timely rebuilds
  • Ability to switch stator/stall speeds
  • Full machined piston and Billet cover
  • Heavy Duty springs absorb shock of engagement and NVH
  • Self-centering trapezoid teeth design increases contact decreases wear and chatter
  • Uses only steel roller thrust bearings – no plastic thrust washers
  • New sprag components ensure long term durability
  • Furnaced brazed turbine and impeller fins increase strength and efficiency
  • Fits 6 or 12 bolt flexplates (12 Bolt BD Flexplate available)
  • Kit includes a bell housing spacer and dowels for bolt-in fit


  • 12-Months


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