EDGE COMP MODULE – 2001-2002 5.9L CUMMINS – 30301


Product Highlights:

The Edge Comp module maximizes engine efficiency by monitoring the RPM, timing, turbo boost pressure and fueling parameters of your Cummins engine. The Comp module uses this information to determine and control both fueling and timing enhancements for the Bosch fuel injection pump. Timing and fueling enhancements are controlled via CAN-BUS through the Data Link and by connecting directly into the Bosch fuel injection pump.

The Edge Comp features five power levels with power gains from 40-120 horsepower. Each of the levels has five independent adjustable sub-levels to control low boost fueling, providing a total of 25 levels of adjustability! The responsiveness settings enable you to dial-in the optimum balance between responsiveness and low boost smoke control no matter what additional power modifications have been made to the engine. The Comp module is fully adjustable on-the-fly and mounts inside the cab.

The following power gains are representative of an actual test vehicle. These gains were measured on a SuperFlow Dyno at an altitude of 4400 ft above sea level, and represent power delivered to the rear wheels of the test truck. The only modification made to the test truck was the addition of the Edge Juice module. Power gains may vary based on vehicle and geographical location.

Level 0: Stock
Level 1: 40 Horsepower – 150 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 2: 60 Horsepower – 200 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 3: 80 Horsepower – 250 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 4: 100 Horsepower – 300 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 5: 120 Horsepower – 350 Foot Pounds of Torque

For those looking for a little more, we also offer the HOT COMP which features zero defueling on the bottom end. We only recommend this feature for those that are using the truck for drag racing and/or sledpulling. For daily use, especially in hot climates, you must have a very light right foot.


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  1. mark taylor

    good day, i have an 01 cummins. and i live in saskatoon. i had idp install the edge comp bow, which is a great product. but how does one get the hot unlock?

    • Jordan Taylor

      Hot unlocks must be obtained directly from Edge.

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