1991-1993 Dodge Transmission – 518 4wd BD 1030311F


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Now with new input shafts and hub!

Your transmission was only designed to handle the torque and horsepower the stock engine delivers, and in the case of some Dodge models, even the stock torque can present a challenge. So when you start adding power modules, turbo upgrades and other bolt-ons, it’s only a matter of time before the transmission wears out and eventually fails.

BD transmissions are built specifically to handle the high torque loads of diesel engines at our state-of-the-art transmission facility. We re-program the valve body for higher line pressure, and add heavy-duty clutches with up to 25% more material than stock. The stock thrust washers, which disintegrate and leave metal filings in your transmission, are replaced with roller Torrington bearings. We install new input shafts and hubs to eliminate possible metal fatigue or high torque load damage from prior use. We upgrade early 47RE transmissions with more rugged 48RE components. We recommend billet steel input and output shafts for applications with extra big tires and modified power levels. .

Inside each transmission is a NEW DESIGN valve body that achieves up to 80% higher clutch apply pressures over the stock unit and up to 50% over the competitors with the pressure increase starting at much lower engine rpm’s and at lighter throttle pedal position movement. Light throttle shift firmness is also maintained at these higher apply pressures and no shuttle shifting problems.

Our transmission packages also include a BD rigid aluminum heavy duty transmission pans’ which adds extra oil capacity and reduces case flex, plus, includes a BD auxiliary full flow filter kit for extra protection.

Each transmission is dyno-tested to make sure it functions properly in all gears, then the pan is dropped and everything inspected and adjusted before it is shipped to you in one of our containers.

Other options to consider when replacing your transmission are to mate the BD transmission with one of our Torque Convertors — we have 2 to choose from.  Our stamp forged Flex Plates that meet SFI 29.3 for race track applications for added performance and strength behind high out engines. Call for details—we’ll be happy to answer your transmission questions.

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