2017 – 2019 Duramax L5P PPE Trans Fluid Bypass Valve – 125065000


Product Highlights:

Add another measure of protection and increase fluid flow with the easy-to-install billet aluminum PPE Transmission Fluid Thermal Bypass Valve for the GM L5P Duramax Diesel.

The OEM part has restrictive internal passages. When the OEM valve fails in the open position, transmission fluid doesn’t reach your cooler. This can be caused by mechanical failure or debris. The result of stock valve failure can cause the transmission to dangerously overheat. Without properly cooled transmission fluid, the demands of towing and rigorous stop-and-go driving conditions shorten the life of transmission components. The PPE Bypass Valve eliminates the mechanical valve which maximizes fluid flow from the transmission cooler.

For further protection, a Neodymium magnet equipped service plug has been added. The removable plug traps ferrous debris and can be accessed to remove particles from the system. The factory part does not have this feature.

Application:  2017-2019 GM 6.6L Duramax