Merchant Automotive 2001-2007 Chev/GMC 261XHD/263XHD Transfer Case Magnetic Drain Plug – 10185


Product Highlights:

Replace the stock drain plug in your transfer case with the Merchant Automotive Magnetic Drain Plug kit to catch small metal debris suspended in the fluid and help extend fluid life. The kit contains a Magnetic Drain plug and a new fill plug, each made out of a high strength corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel.


Note: The drain and fill plugs in the transfer case use pipe threads and should only be tightened snug with new Teflon sealing tape applied to the threads each time the plugs are reinstalled to prevent leaks. Over-tightening the plugs can crack the rear case half, so use caution when tightening the plugs!


  • Machine -Magnetic Drain Plug #10185-10