Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (46500)


Product Highlights:

Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (46500)

This Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (46500) incorporates Bully Dog’s SAE tested and emissions tested diesel engine tuning for both power and economy.

 46500 applications

Benefits & Features

· 75-100 Additional HP (Specialized tuning for additional power)
· 6-12% Increase in Fuel Economy
· Speed Limiter Adjustments (excluding Paccar MX-13 temporarily)
· Diagnostic Reader
· Driving Coach
· SAE Tested
· Watchdog Monitoring

Q. Why are ECM tunes set up for Higher HP? A. Bully Dog HDGT is designed to reprogram the trucks ECM to increase fuel mileage and HP it comes with an Economy tune and a Power/Economy tune. If higher HP is needed or wanted the HDGT can be updated online free of charge.

Q. What if the truck is reprogramed at the dealer? A. The ECM tune will be lost if the truck is reprogramed, the HDGT has the ability to return to stock and capability of retuning after having the ECM reprogramed.

Q. What happens if I trade trucks? A. The ECM will have to be left with the original truck, The HDGT can be returned to stock on the original truck and installed on the new truck.

Monitoring Capabilities Include*:
Battery V
Intake Temp
Oil Temp
Turbo EX Temp
Fuel Rate
Inst Econ
Avg Econ
Trip Dist
Trip Fuel
BD Aux
BD Pyro 1&2
Truck Pyro 1&2


2011 389 550 Cummins
I have a 2011 389 550 Cummins – 370 tall rubber, 13 speed, pulling a race car hauler for the Nationwide series. Putting the Bully Dog HDGT on my truck has helped my mileage. We have 7 trucks alike – (2) 2009s and (7) 2011s with all the same gears, same tranny, same everything. The tuning on the HDGT has helped my mileage up to a half mile better – two or three tenths in windy conditions and a 1/2 mile in good weather.The pulling is no comparison. I can out pull my teammates now pretty easy. I am half a gear better on some hills and on some hills a full gear. The biggest thing is the response. If you stepped off the fuel in when you were in cruise because someone cut you off, before it would take forever to get the power back up. It was so lazy. Now the response is way better. The response is like an old C-15 with 5232 fuel codes set on it. In a short hill it is a little bit better, but on a long hill like Flagstaff when you are really pulling down it is way better.I’m not trying to do anything crazy. I’m not trying to enter some pull completion and rip the clutch out. I just wanted to get the dead and the lag out. The HDGT has done that. I’m not trying to run a 100 miles an hour and be the baddest thing on the road. I just want it to maintain and have a steady pull. When I tell people about the HDGT they say it is a lot of money. Well it is, but I tell them that I figured it up. We only run 60,000 to 65,000 a year. If it picks me up 4 tenths it will pay for itself twice in one year. Not to mention from California to home with the pulling that we have to do I’ll guarantee you that it is saving me a hour coming home over a two day trip because it pulls that much better.You have a good product. I’m tickled with it. To tell you the truth I was a little bit skeptical. Jerry at Piedmont Peterbilt said we have some people running it that really like it. He told me to take it and try it. I went into it open minded, but I really like it now. It has made a huge difference. I am definitely pleased with what it does right now. It is doing good and I am well pleased with it.Kirk George

2007 Kenworth W900
I loaded the economy with power tune from the Heavy Duty GT about a month ago. It is unbelievable the difference. I have easily picked up a 1/2 mile increase in fuel economy. I run to Hyrum, Utah from Alberta Canada twice a week. I load between 61,000 to 62,000 lb. pay load pulling a quad axle cattle trailer with a 3:36 rear end and 22.5 tires. That grosses me out a 99,000 lb. Hand calculations I am getting 6.8/6.9 MPG Canadian. Before I was getting 6.2 MPG Canadian.That is a hard, hard run to get that kind of fuel economy because once you leave the US/Canada boarder you pull, lift, pull, lift all day long. I haul 760 miles loaded and 750 empty back. I fuel up at the exact same locations every time and now every trip now I am saving 20 gallons of fuel. And because I can pull the hills quicker I am completing the trip in 30 minutes less time. I do not speed, so the gains are solely because I can climb the hills quicker. With the Bully Dog installed the truck runs a little bit cooler. You still have to watch your gauges, but it does run cooler. It also runs a lot cleaner. I have tried pretty much every product that claims that it will improve your fuel economy that is out there but this product is easily the best. Money, money well spent. You have a great productDanny Hofer

2000 Kenworth Detroit 12.7L
I heard about Bully Dog from my younger brother who purchased a 2007 Peterbilt Cat powered truck that was already installed with a Bully Dog. He really liked the way the truck ran and encouraged me to get one for my truck. I am an independent truck driver that has been driving since the 70’s. I haul agriculture products on local runs mainly on two lane roads here in the Midwest. Over the years most of my trucks were powered by either Cat or Cummins. Right now I am driving a 2000 Kenworth with a Detroit 12.7L with factory settings of 470/500. This is the first Detroit that I have ever had and initially I didn’t like it very much. It was underpowered, but after installing the HDGT I am learning to like it now more every day.I installed the Bully Dog HDGT in July 2013 so at this point I have been running it for a month and a half. In that time I have gone from 6 MPG to 6.8 MPG or a 13% gain in fuel economy. What I really like about it is the lowering of the torque range. Now I have plenty of power down around 1300 to 1400 RPM. I have had to pretty much learn to drive the truck all over because I use about a quarter of the throttle now instead of three quarters. I am real happy with the way the truck performs. Initially after I installed it I was driving the truck too hard and didn’t pick up the fuel economy like I expected. Your dealer from J&S Sales told me to pay attention to the gauges up on the dash and keep the load and the throttle around 60%. I didn’t do that at the start and I was running it at 90% to 100%. So I had to learn to keep my foot out of it and let it do its thing. It took a while for me to figure it out, but it works great now. It has really impressed me on the way it changed the performance of this truck and all for the better. It is doing a wonderful job and I am really satisfied with it.Jeff L

CAT C-15
I wanted to give you an update on the BULLDOG HDGT I purchased from you on February 4,2013 for my 2007 T600 c-15 cat. I had run the basic tune for the first week and was very impressed with the response in operation but, did notice little change in fuel economy. I contacted BULLYDOG and they sent me a custom program that was fantastic. I had the same peppier throttle response but wow what a difference in power, no more pulling down on the hills nothing. Then I ran the same 1000 mile fuel run from Jasper FL to Gainsville GA and was shocked at my mpg 6.43!Now on the same run in December and January I had gotten 5.4 on this run. I was very shocked and of course very satisfied. this particular run is a good test run for what I do in day to day operations as it incorporates every type of terrain and conditions from red lights to some hefty rolling hills.I fueled in Jasper FL,went on up thru Homerville to Waycross ,(red lights and traffic galore)up 84 to Savannah Ga got loaded with 30,000 lbs. went to Hemingway SC,unloaded then to Georgetown SC reloaded30,000,then proceeded to run the length of I-26 in SC(rolling hills)then across to Gainsville GA.I went back thru my records and I was getting 6.2mpg at several times since I purchased this truck in September ,however it was all over the map went it hit 6.2. As I told you I was getting from 5.3 to 6.2 and as we discussed my better fuel mileage was NOT running a lot on hwy 84 with all the red lights. Now I am getting 6.4 /- running Hwy 84 as well as up and down the interstate,CONSISTENTLY!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!Kenneth Fooshee