Hot Shot’s Secrets Stiction Eliminator Additive 16oz – HOT-HSS16Z


Product Highlights:

Original Stiction Eliminator will stop excessive black smoke and bucking and chugging on cold starts. It not only cleans injectors but other parts of the engine as well, including the turbocharger.

  • Reduces wear by up to 62% more than our competitors
  • Removes 50% more stiction than the leading competitor
  • Improves Power & Compression
  • Replaces engine oil, ideally with a fresh oil change
  • 5 year Shelf Life

Vehicle Engine Oil Capacity Initial Clean Out Maintenance (every 3rd oil change)
Car 4-6 QTS 16 OZ 8 OZ
Pickup 7-10 QTS 32 OZ 16 OZ
Pickup/Semi 11-20 QTS 64 OZ 32 OZ
Semi 21-35 QTS 3 QTS 1.5 QTS
Semi 36-45 QTS 5 QTS 2.5 QTS