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How To Keep Your Diesel Engine Running

After months of pushing, pulling, and carrying heavy loads, your vehicle’s engine can start to wear down. To keep your engine running at peak performance, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance.

Wondering how to keep your diesel engine running? These useful maintenance tips can help you prolong your engine’s life.

Change the Fluids

Your truck requires a constant supply of fluids, like coolant, biodiesel, and transmission fluid.

These fluids need to be replaced at regular intervals. Transmission flushes, coolant flushes, and oil changes are critical for keeping your truck in tip-top shape.

Follow the manufacturers regular maintenance schedule guidelines to maximize longevity of your vehicle.

For oil changes, these general guidelines can be followed, however manufacturer specifications are always best. If you use standard oil, replace it every 5,000 Kilometers, and if you use synthetic oil, replace it every 8,000 to 10,000.

Transmission fluids and coolant should be flushed every 50,000 to 80,000 Kilometers.

Swap Out the Filters

Your engine’s filters should be frequently inspected and replaced. If they get dirty, they’ll clog. This will cause your vehicle to use more fuel and less air, which can result in compromised performance and fuel efficiency.

Fuel and air filters require replacement every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers. Some diesel engines have two fuel filters, a primary and secondary. These should be replaced at the same time.

Keep it Clean

A buildup of dirt, rust, and other grime can impact your engine’s performance. To prevent this, regularly inspect and clean it.

Use a brush to manually remove debris from the hood and grill. Cover components that aren’t waterproof, such as the alternator, power steering filler, air intake, and sensors, with baggies. Apply an engine degreaser, scrub the parts down with a long-handled brush, and then rinse everything with a gentle spray.

Maintain Your Fuel Injectors and Turbochargers

Another tip on how to keep your diesel engine running is to take good care of the fuel injectors and turbochargers.

Your fuel injectors and turbochargers maintain fuel efficiency. To ensure they don’t fail prematurely, take good care of them.

Fuel injectors are durable and long-lasting but run the risk of getting clogged. If you suspect you have injector issues, you should take your vehicle to a licensed professional to have it inspected .

To preserve your turbochargers, let your vehicle idle for a few minutes after starting up to allow it to warm up. You should also allow it time to cool down after heavy use.

Oil additives can keep your turbochargers sufficiently lubricated, which prevents friction-related wear and tear.

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