Dynomite Diesel 1994-1998 Dodge12V Stage 1 New Injectors – DDP 9498-1


Product Highlights:

Dodge Second Gen New Injectors

Dodge 94-98 Second Gen Injector Set: Stage 1 injector set, enough fuel to support up to 400 RWHP. MPG increase and great smoke control. Recommended timing set to 17-18 degrees. Sold as a Brand New matched injector set with copper washers. No core.


  • Valve: 12
  • Liter: 5.9
  • Rated HP – 400
  • Engine: Cummins
  • Years: 1994-1998
  • Condition: New


Why buy Dynomite Diesel? Reliability, More Power, Lower EGT’s, Less Smoke, Better Mileage, Smooth & Quiet Idle.

With an extrude hone, borescope, dyno, and several test stands we develop the best injectors on the market. All of our products will make the advertised horsepower. But we develop cleaner power than our competition. Today is very competitive, and we work with several people who tune their own trucks. Many say our injectors are the easiest to tune!