ART 2018-2019 Ford 3.0L BDX “Advanced Race Tuning” Custom SOTF DPF and EGR Delete Tunes (TUNES ONLY) – ART3.04SO


Product Highlights:

Ford 3.0L BDX Custom DPF Delete Tune is for your 2018-2019 Ford 3.0L. DPF Delete tuner. (Race Only).

This does not include the handheld tuner.

Switchable Levels:
Level 1 0HP
Level 2 25HP
Level 3 60HP
Level 4 95HP
Level 5 120HP
Tune will be e-mailed to you once you have info from the truck its being used on.
*Race Only*
**This product is not legal for sale in the province of Ontario for road/highway use. Please check with local and provincial legislation/regulations for legality of such product/s.  We assume no liability for misuse of this product/s.**