Sinister Diesel 2003-2005 6.0L Powerstroke, Heads Up Kit w/ Black Diamond Head Gaskets and ARP Head Studs (18mm Black Diamond) – SD-HU-6.0-18


Product Highlights:

Complete ARP Head Stud and Gasket Kits for 2003-2005 6.0L Ford Powerstroke

We’ve designed each Heads Up Kit from Sinister Diesel to add needed strength to your engine with a full set of head studs and solve one of the biggest problems encountered by owners of modified high performance diesel trucks. From the correct fasteners to the right size gaskets for your engine, Sinister Diesel helps you take all the guesswork out of strengthening your engine and protecting it against leaks that can cause engine failure.

ARP head studs are cold-forged for molecular uniformity and then heat treated before machining for a clamp load rating of 220,000 psi. With a clamping force greater than factory bolts, ARP head stud kits ensure seal integrity between your cylinder head and engine block to protect against the engine damage that can result from head gasket failure. ARP Head Stud Kits from Sinister Diesel also include nuts and hardened washers for even clamping force and accurate torque readings during assembly.

Each Sinister Diesel Heads Up Kit for the 6.0L Powerstroke engines also comes with a complete gasket set for every engine component that seals against the cylinder head including the exhaust and intake manifolds, up pipe, valve cover, along with valve cover grommets, valve stem seals, and more.

Vehicle Fitment

2003-2005 6.0L Ford Powerstroke


  • ARP Head Stud Kit (ARP2000)
  • Black Diamond Head Gasket by Sinister Manufacturing
  • Exhaust and Intake Gaskets
  • Turbo Hardware/O-Ring Kit
  • Valve Cover Gaskets
  • Valve Cover Grommets
  • Valve Stem Seals
  • Injector O-Ring Gasket Kit
  • Air Pump Gaskets
  • Air Sensor Gaskets
  • Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • Cylinder Head Plugs
  • Fuel Filter Gasket
  • Fuel Filter O-Rings
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Gaskets
  • Oil Filter Gaskets
  • Oil Pump Cover Gaskets
  • Oil Pump Inlet Gaskets
  • Oil Pump O-Rings
  • Throttle Body Gasket

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