Performance cooling is the foundation of Flex-a-lite. In 1962, Eddy Davis founded this company with the original “flex fan” concept. He developed the first flexible fan out of hand-cut fiberglass roofing material. The concept was to create a lightweight fan that would flatten out at high engine rpm. This would reduce the drag or load on the engine, increasing horsepower to the wheels. The original “flex fan” has grown into a family that includes 7-blade fans, low-profile race versions and a nylon model for light weight, as well as a host of other belt-driven fans. We introduced our first electric fan 34 years ago. This removes the load from the engine altogether, providing even more power and fuel economy. Now we offer more than 80 electric fans, including nearly 30 direct-fit applications to make swapping to a performance electric fan an easy endeavor. In 2006, we introduced a completely new idea in aluminum radiators. So innovative, in fact, that we hold a patent on the sidetank technology that delivers 135 percent better heat transfer. Now that’s performance cooling! Our latest product, Flex-a-Chill, is a natural extension of the product. We developed it to protect aluminum radiators and other cooling components from corrosion while providing up to a 20-degree drop in engine-coolant temperature.