BD Diesel 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Howler VGT Controller Kit – 1047135


Product Highlights:

The BD plug and play VGT controller enables the use of a 6.7L VGT turbo on a Dodge 5.9L common rail truck.


  • Integrated exhaust brake control with included toggle switch
  • Plug & Play VGT controller kit with wiring harness
  • Control module monitors sensor inputs and controls vanes for optimal spool up
  • Turbocharger wheel speed control prevents overspeed
  • Commanded boost based on throttle position to maximize cruising fuel economy
  • Built in safety defaults the vanes open if erroneous sensor data received
  • Does not need OBD port connection


  • 12-Months
  • 12,000 Miles

  • 2003-2005 pick-ups do not maintain torque converter lockup on deceleration – suggest 1030395 Torqloc to improve exhaust brake performance
  • Not for sale on licensed California vehicles