Banks 2001 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Cummins 5.9L EC – Stinger Bundle – 49370-B


Product Highlights:

Stinger affordably augments truck muscle and durability with impressive best gains of +71 hp and +189 lb-ft (rear wheel), and delivers 7 percent better mileage, too. ISB Pickup: Stinger builds onto the Git-Kit by adding a filter, BigHead wastegate actuator, electronic gauges and a higher-calibrated OttoMind Tuner. The result is higher mid-range and upper-end torque. Banks stainless-steel Stinger affordably augments truck muscle with additional rear-wheel gains to +71 hp and +189 lb-ft torque, provides 7 percent better mileage, and protects diesel durability for the life of your engine.

Test vehicle: 1999 quad-cab 4-wheel drive pickup 215-hp rated, automatic transmission. Vehicles with higher rated engines: while the percentage gains will be less, the final power and performance output will be equivalent. Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels. Cummins Engine Horsepower Rating is found on the engine identification tag, located on the side of the timing cover of the engine near the injection pump. BigHead Actuator is not included in systems for 2001-2002 model year 235-hp rated vehicles. Lift-pump test-gauge kit is optional included with Stinger-Plus and PowerPack systems.

Stinger Bundle, Power System with Single Exit Exhaust, Black Tip for use with 2001 Dodge 5.9L 235hp, Extended Cab

  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power & MPG
  • Honors the host vehicle & improves longevity
  • Stinger affordably augments truck muscle and durability
  • Best gains of +71 hp and +189 lb-ft (rear wheel)
  • Delivers 7% better mileage, too
  • BLACK tip

Emissions Compliant: D-161-94


  •  Ram-Air Oiled Filter
  •  Air Filter Service Kit
  •  BigHead Wastegate Actuator
  •  Monster Turbine Outlet Pipe
  •  Monster Exhaust System
  •  Black Tailpipe
  •  DynaFact Gauge Assembly
  •  Banks Power Urocal
  •  Includes all necessary hardware