1996 – 2007 Chrysler 47RE/48RE Selectshift Stand Alone Transmission Controller ATS Diesel – 6019502104


Product Highlights:

The Select Shift System allows for computer control of shift points and lockup timing through computer programming. Once a laptop or other computer is plugged into the Select Shift Controller, tables can be adjusted for precise user control of transmission functions, as well as data logging ability.

The Standalone Transmission Controller changes your transmission from a governor and throttle valve based shift control to complete independent line pressure and shift control. Converting your mechanical transmission to a modern fully electronic transmission, opening a whole new world of possibility!

We have updated our Select Shift Valve Body, for increased functionality, to feature improved elements for even better performance. The system still functions as it has in the past but now it features electronic line pressure control!
Transmission Shift Controller Package for Chrysler 47RE / 48RE, Full Transmission and Torque Converter Control, Wiring Harness, Connectors, Software and Manual included Requires ATS SelectShift Valve Body P/N 303-950-2000 (not included in price)

Overview of the latest Select Shift System:

  • Elimination of the antiquated electronic governor system
  • Elimination of the problematic 05 and up Throttle Valve Actuator
  • Full Manual or Automatic shift capability
  • Ability to run higher pressures if needed
  • Convertor Lockup is possible in all forward ranges
  • Shift points, lockup, and pressure, are fully adjustable externally via the Select Shift Controller
  • Ability to put a late model Dodge 47/48RE transmission in an earlier vehicle

This package is not for the inexperienced tuner, although the software is not difficult to learn there is margin for error. You MUST have a computer and know how to use it. Your computer must have a USB port and be in good working order. This package comes with 1 hour of technical support (that is usually more than enough to get someone up to speed)
Please Note: ATS Stand Alone Transmission Controllers (the Controllers) are sold as is, no warranty, either express or implied, in any circumstance or application. These Controllers are designed for racing applications and remove all safeguards related to standard electronic transmission controls. ATS can only provide limited tech support on this item.

  • 2500/3500 Cummins Dodge Diesel
  • Software and manual included
  • Requires ATS SelectShift Valve Body P/N 303-950-2000 (not included)