2011-2014 6.6L GM Duramax LML/LGH MINI MAXX /without pyro DPF Delete Race Tuner 7009 (RACE ONLY)



Product Highlights:

6.6L Duramax MINI MAXX

The 6.6L Duramax MINI MAXX is for your 2011-2014 LML / LGH.

Power Levels

DPF Removed

Stock HP

Mild: 50 HP

Wild: 100 HP

Hot: 150 HP


Power Levels

DPF Present

Mild: 40 HP

Wild: 80 HP

Power Levels

Power levels are not currently shift-on-the-fly for the 11-14

H&S that combines high performance tuning with a complete set of digital gauges. With the flexibility of shift-on-the-fly tuning*, plus the safety of automatic de-fueling, the Mini Maxx tuner has you covered

H&S Mini Maxx Instructions


*Race Only*
**This product is not legal for sale in the province of Ontario for road/highway use. Please check with local and provincial legislation/regulations for legality of such product/s.  We assume no liability for misuse of this product/s.**