2007.5-2010 Chev/GMC Duramax MotorOps Single Tune DPF DELETE (RACE ONLY)


Product Highlights:


Tunes, Diagnostic Tool, and Scan tool all on one device. 

You need tunes that match your truck and we have the best. Motor Ops has spent countless hours fine tuning these calibrations so your truck performs to its highest potential while maintaining excellent driveability, heat, and smoke control.  Customers have been raving abou this crisp, responsive tuning that lugs strong and pulls relentlessly to the redline.  This product comes with five tunes, hardware and cables. This Tuner comes with one of the following tunes:


1) MPG:   Stock power level, refined timing and fuel curve strategy for milege


2) Tow Tune (GVWR): 40 rear wheel horsepower that you can use up the GVWR of the truck


3) Tow Tune (Up to 8,000 lbs): 60 rear wheel horsepower and the ability to maintain transmision health and low EGTs with loads up to 8,000 lbs


4) Sport Economy Tune: Best balance of power, reliability and mileage on an unloaded truck.  This is the highest level we recommend without a lift pump.  Typical gains in the 120rwhp range.   


5) Race Tune:  When used in conjunction with a lift pump, this tune will get the most fuel possible out of the factory CP4 pump.  Typical gains in the 150 rwhp range on delete trucks.  


*DPF/Emissions Delete – Race Use Only. This product does support emissions removal for trucks that are intended to be used for race use only. It is the responsibility of the customer to know their local laws, and adhere to them. Motor Ops is not responsible for the unlawful use of this product.


**Beware competitors HP ratings.  Ours gains are verified at the rear wheels using the factory turbocharger and factory high pressure pump.  They’re not flywheel estimates or potential gains with additional parts upgrades.  Call if you’d like further clarification. 


*Race Only*
**This product is not legal for sale in the province of Ontario for road/highway use. Please check with local and provincial legislation/regulations for legality of such product/s.  We assume no liability for misuse of this product/s.**