Merchant Automotive 2011-2016 Chev/GMC Motor Mounts – 10550


Product Highlights:

Many customers and competitors have issues with excessive movement or even ripping stock motor mounts which frequently leads to costly damages. Our solution is MA High-Performance Motor Mounts.


Direct Replacement
Stronger Than Factory
Great For High Horsepower Engines

High-Grade Fasteners
Solid Motor Mounts
Bright Orange Finish
What’s In The Box

2 MA Motor Mounts
High-Grade Fasteners

Merchant Auto Motor Mounts

The OEM rubber motor mounts on 6.6L V8 Duramax Diesel-equipped trucks are great for light-duty use. When you start to add some power to your truck, these rubber mounts can rip or start to fall apart. Motor mounts that rip or break will cause excessive vibration or engine shifting while driving. This vibration and shifting can cause damage to other engine components over time.

These new LML solid motor mounts from Merchant Auto are a great upgrade for higher-horsepower engines. When it comes to motor mounts for your Duramax LML engine, you can choose from OEM rubber, performance urethane, or high-performance solid motor mounts. These solid motor mounts are going to give you the best performance for trucks pushing high horsepower numbers.

While these motor mounts fit 2011-2016 LML engine-equipped trucks, they are mainly going to be used in off-road/high horsepower setups. Solid motor mounts can cause a little NVH, noise/harshness/vibration, while at a stop, that is usually taken up by rubber or polyurethane mounts.

Are My Duramax Motor Mounts Bad?

To tell if you have a bad motor mount, take note of how your vehicle is running. With excessive vibrations being one of the key indicators of bad or worn motor mounts, it can be a little difficult to differentiate between engine mount vibrations and suspension vibrations. To check your motor mounts, pop the hood of your truck, have a friend rev the engine while in park, and look for excessive movement. If you notice the engine rocking back and forth more than usual, chances are, your motor mounts need to be replaced. While factory motor mounts will correct this, our MA Motor Mounts will be a superior replacement that offers longer-lasting and higher performing polyurethane bushings.