Merchant Automotive 2001-2007 Transfer Case Housing Bolt Kit – 10294


Product Highlights:

The original 15mm head transfer case bolts are prone to corrosion and rust especially in northern climates caused by dissimilar metals being used. Corrosion resulting from this can cause the factory coating on the bolts to delaminate making it very difficult to get a wrench or socket onto the bolt head. To improve the appearance and longevity of your transfer case we put together this bolt kit which uses high quality bolts and aluminum washers with a 15mm hex head to replace the original bolts when you are reassembling a 246, 261HD, 261XHD, 263HD or 263XHD transfer case. This combination of aluminum washers and high quality bolts with the Merchant Automotive kit helps to prevent corrosion ensuring that the bolts will be serviceable for many years to come. One kit includes the bolts, stud/bolt and washers to completely replace the worn or damaged bolts on a single transfer case. Be sure to note the accessory bracket locations prior to disassembly for proper positioning during reassembly.


  • Aluminum Washers (qty. 17)
  • 15mm Replacement Bolts (qty. 16)
  • Replacement Stud/Bolt (qty. 1)