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We carry a wide variety of GMC diesel engine part for sale and GMC parts in Canada. We’re dedicated to helping each of our customers find the products that will suit their trucks’ needs and performance preferences the best. Read below for details on the evolution of Chevy/GMC’s diesel engines.

Between 1982 and 1993, Chevy/GMC produced the 6.2L Diesel Engine. This Diesel engine produces 130Hp and 240lb/ft of torque. This engine was available through half ton to one-ton trucks as well as suburbans and blazers. The main goal with the 6.2L Diesel was to improve fuel economy and to outlast the gasoline engines.

In 1993 General motors replaced the 6.2L Diesel with the 6.5L. Like the 6.2L, the 6.5L was available in half ton trucks through to one-ton trucks. It was produced in both a turbocharged and naturally aspirated version. It offered horsepower levels as high as 215HP and up to 440lb/ft of torque. This GMC diesel engine was made for both fuel efficiency and power.

The first Duramax engine, the 6.6L LB7, was released in 2001. Throughout the years 2001-2003 the engine peaked its horsepower at 235HP, with a peak torque of 500lb/ft. In 2004 after some changes the engine was peaking at 300HP with 520lb/ft of torque. The LB7 was the first diesel to use a common rail injection system and was turbo charged and intercooled. The 5-speed automatic Allison 1000 Transmission was also released in 2001.

The Duramax LLY Engine was produced throughout the years of 2004-2006. This was the first Duramax engine to introduce EGR and a variable vane turbo. With a peak horsepower rating of 310HP and a peak torque rating of 520lb/ft between the years of 2004-2005, in 2006 they made minor changing allowing for a torque increase of 85lb/ft. The LLY was available with an automatic or manual transmission.

Following the LLY, was the release of the LBZ Duramax engine. The LLY was produced for only two years, from 2006-2007. The main difference between the LLY and its predecessor is the big increase in power. The LLY had different engine tuning allowing it to reach 360HP and up to 650lb/ft of torque. The 2007 model was the last year that GM offered a manual transmission with their Duramax trucks.

Mid 2007 brought big changes to the Duramax engine with the introduction of the DPF Filter in the LMM. Designed to meet the federal emissions standards, the LMM Engine used post injection to build the required heat for regeneration. The LMM has 365HP and 660lb/ft of torque. The LMM was only available with the Allison automatic transmission.

Through 2011-2016 General Motors made the LML Duramax. The LML has a peak horsepower of 397HP and a peak torque of 765ft/lbs. The LML Duramax was built to exceed the mandatory emissions regulations, using a DEF Dosing Injector to reduce NOx emissions.

The newest Duramax engine to be released by General Motors was the L5P. Released in 2017 the L5P features numerous upgrades from the LML engine, including solenoid activated injectors on their common rail system and the electronically controlled and actuated variable geometry turbochargers. These factors help to contribute to the 445HP and 910lb/ft of torque. In order to endure the greater engine load the L5P has a new camshaft design, larger crankshaft and strengthened cylinder block.

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