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The Ford 5R110 transmission ran in the 2003 in the 6.0L Powerstroke all the way until 2010 in the 6.4L Powerstroke.  Despite my experience with the laughable reliability of my 6.Leaker, the 5R110 was flawless!  Up here in Canada, we only see a little organized diesel drag racing, so most of my abuse came from pissing contest I had with friends.  Burn outs, roll racing, and light-to-light launches took up most of my weekends back then.  

So if you abuse your Ford the way I did, one of the upgrades you will be sure to make is a billet input shaft. See the input shaft transfers power from the engine to the transmission.  It becomes a weak point for the Ford transmission after somewhere around 500 HP, however some of us have snapped them prior to that.  A few have claimed to go much further in HP prior to breaking but since I know I abuse my trucks I like to go with the conservative estimate.  

Ford 5R110 4R100 Input Shaft 300M TCS 499700

Ford 5R110 4R100 Input Shaft 300M TCS 499700

When it comes to picking a input shaft there are a few options out there.  I like to buy Canadian parts whenever possible.  Not only to save on shipping but I like to support a somewhat local company when I can.  Canadian or not, I only want the test though.  Meaning that when it came time to shop, I had my work cut out for me.  I would have to figure out what makes input shafts different from each other and then decide what matters to me, then where could I find one at a reasonable price.  

Billet? 300M? Why the heck do i care!?!

Billet in simple terms is a single solid piece of material.  Plain and simple, billet wont have a weak point from casting flaws.  300M is a car that Chrysler produced and is a pile of junk in my opinion.  So what does 300M mean when we are talking about input shafts?  Do I need it to be billet?

TW Metals describes 300M on as:



300M is a vacuum melted low alloy steel with the inclusion of vanadium and a higher silicon composition. It has a very good fatigue strength and resilience. Where fracture toughness and impact strength are crucial, 300M is a great choice.


  • Aircraft Landing Gear
  • Airframe Parts
  • Missile Components
  • Motorsport Applications


Aircraft landing gear! Yeah i think if this metal is trusted to hold up planes landing then I can put it in my transmission.  

Now put it together, billet is a single solid piece of material machined to extreme precision means I know the part is going to fit perfect and not have any weak points, 300M means I know it is not going to break, PERFECT! Now where do I get one?


5R110 4R100 Input Shaft 300M
Product #: 499700

Ford 5R110 4R100 Billet Input Shaft 300M

  • Made from 300M billet steel.
  • Heat treated and precision ground.
  • Comes with a 30/31 spline count.
  • Shaft is rated to 2000 ft/lbs. of torque.
  • For high torque diesel and off-road applications.

I started looking for a manufacturer in Canada.  It did not take much more than a Google search and a little reading before I came across TCS.  They seem to have a strong presence in high end gas performance but really a specialist in hardened performance  parts.  However, I would need to locate a distributor.  Canadian Diesel Online has been my go to source for some time.  So I called Jamie and talked about an input shaft.  He set me up with a great price and shipped it the next day. Give him a call at: 855-390-4932. Or Check out the product HERE